Why we need good drivers to have an efficient supply chain sector in UK?

Why we need good drivers to have an efficient supply chain sector in UK?

In order to fulfil requirements of the businesses, Lorry drivers move heavy goods around the country and Europe, delivering them to where they’re needed. Yet there’s currently a widely reported shortage of HGV drivers nationwide as per Freight Transport Association (FTA) Skills Shortage Report. Below are a few reasons why we are facing challenges in filling driver vacancies –

1.Working Condition – In any job we choose to do, workplace condition plays a very important role as it lets you to do your job but seeing the condition of the service stations and unsafe parking put off potential drivers especially women. Those who travel and cross Calais always have the fear of refugees being a sneak peek into their lorry can create trouble while crossing the border. These factors add to an already poor industry image, where HGV driving is equated with long journeys, unsocial hours and unhealthy work/life balance particularly for drivers with families
2.Cost of entry into this job – With rising in the training cost to become a professional driver with a category C certificate, newcomers and facing the heat of cost. New drivers also need to earn a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (or Driver CPC) qualification – either self-funded or paid for by an employer.
3.Lack of Pay – When independent agencies surveyed both HGV drivers and employers, they have found that employers are sitting on a very narrow margin of cost and increasing pay won’t be an option for them moreover drivers are facing competition from the EU migrants who are ready to work on the same or lower pays for years.
4.Ageing Drivers – As there are hardly new generation people among the group of HGV drivers, a clear sign that in future we would be going to face a big crunch of lorry drivers. Current workforce also attains to age and won’t be doing this job forever hence supply chain industry should start focusing on how they bring young people by offering training courses and fulfilling current demands.

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