Going to start your career as Truck Driver? First read this.

We as human being spend almost half of our entire life at a workplace doing a job they assign hence it is very important that we select that job knowing all the pros and cons. There could be a possibility that one will find ourself in a good earning job but lack of time for the important things like family and health. This is very important that you find interest in the job, grow with the job and spend time in other attributes of life.

In order to find my dream job, below are a few steps I adopted right away –

Analyze your skills. Look hard at your skills, particularly those acquired outside work and then decide what is best for you to do.
Work out your top 7 jobs criteria.
Focus on job specification and future horizon.
Mine your experience in the right direction so that you expand both vertically and horizontally.
Look before you leap.
Avoid yes/no thinking and always do a greater analysis of your decisions as one wrong turn might take you 2 years back in the career.
Get your message right.
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