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Van driver agency We are a professional and sophisticated Van/truck driving recruitment and employment agency with a number of years of experience within the logistics industry. Drivas Recruitment Agency drivers is owned privately and run by two individuals with a background in transport and logistics at managerial level. They brought to the company a level of structural and strategic planning ability that ensures they continue to meet the increasing demands and needs of local and national clients as their business grows.

We are strongly committed towards the technical growth in the logistic industry and bringing the highest level of intellectual scrutiny to our business and ongoing professional development of both the company and its staff.

Truck/Van Driver recruitment/employment – We have recently posted a Drivers CAT C, Multidrop – chef direct in Didcot for the Didcot location. We also regularly post our truck driver vacancies for HGV, Class 1 (C+E) and class 2. We actively hire in Abingdon, Didcot, Evesham, Oxford, Oxfordshire and banbury area.

Key to success in Truck/Van Driving jobs – After spending many years and dealing with a different type of businesses we value the truck drivers we provide. It is very important for us to let our recruiters get the best possible overall options for daily/weekly routes as in this truck recruitment agency business one successful recruit bring more candidates. Same applies with the businesses as well because sending large trucks from one place to another is nothing but money on wheels which our drivers move responsibly.

If we provide good drivers than those businesses always get back to us for more jobs which further leads to more employment we provide.

Our mission is to ensure the smooth running of all our day-to-day operations, so we can build our reputation in the competitive market. We have and are providing true 24/7, 365 days per year service to our clients.

Passion and Commitment are key points towards success of any business; we as a professional team are working hard to grow our business which is only possible with quality service in today’s competitive market.

Our Promise, we will not let you down by making false promises. We attempt 100% to fill all bookings; if we feel we cannot accommodate you, we will inform you immediately.

Going to start your career as Truck/Van Driver? First read this.

We as human being spend almost half of our entire life at a workplace doing a job they assign hence it is very important that we select that job knowing all the pros and cons. There could be a possibility that one will find ourself in a good earning job but lack of time for the important things like family and health. This is very important that you find interest in the job, grow with the job and spend time in other attributes of life.

In order to find my dream job, below are a few steps I adopted right away –

  1. Analyze your skills. Look hard at your skills, particularly those acquired outside work and then decide what is best for you to do.
  2. Work out your top 7 jobs criteria.
  3. Focus on job specification and future horizon.
  4. Mine your experience in the right direction so that you expand both vertically and horizontally.
  5. Look before you leap.
  6. Avoid yes/no thinking and always do a greater analysis of your decisions as one wrong turn might take you 2 years back in the career. More ..