HGV Class 2 Drivers jobs for food industry

HGV class 2 Drivers jobs Monday to Friday job with optional Saturdays available.
Minimum 8 hours guaranteed.
Start times from 03.00 am-08.00 am.

Monday to Friday – £14(LTD, UMBRELLA)
Saturday -£17(LTD, UMBRELLA)
PAYE – Monday to Friday £11.50, Saturday £15

Role Info.
Drivas Recruitment are currently seeking HGV 2 drivers for MULTIDROP DELIVERIES across the South-East region, 6-9 deliveries per day. This will involve handball deliveries to restaurants, universities, army barracks and hospitals.

HGV Class 2 Drivers jobs for food industry

Must have held Class 2 licence for at least 6 months
Digital Tachograph card
CPC qualification
No more then 9 points
No DR or IN endorsements

Please call for more information 07738979898 Rupi

HGV drivers in the UK, also known as lorry drivers or truck drivers, play a crucial role in transporting goods across the country. Here is some information about HGV drivers in the UK:

  1. Licensing: To become an HGV driver in the UK, you need to have a valid HGV license. There are different license categories based on the type and weight of the vehicle you want to drive. The main categories include C1, C1E, C, and CE.
  2. Training and Qualifications: To obtain an HGV license, you need to undergo proper training and pass both theory and practical tests. The training typically covers topics such as vehicle control, safety regulations, and road awareness. Additionally, drivers need to complete a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge for professional driving.
  3. Working Conditions: HGV drivers in the UK work in various sectors, such as logistics, retail, and construction. They often work long hours and may need to spend nights away from home, especially for long-haul or international journeys. The work can be physically demanding and requires good concentration and driving skills.
  4. Regulations and Compliance: HGV drivers in the UK must comply with strict regulations related to driving hours, rest periods, and vehicle maintenance. These regulations are in place to ensure road safety and prevent driver fatigue. Compliance is monitored through tachographs, which record driving time and other important data.
  5. Shortage of HGV Drivers: In recent years, the UK has been experiencing a shortage of qualified HGV drivers. Various factors contribute to this, including an aging workforce, changes in immigration rules, and increased demand for drivers. The shortage has had an impact on supply chains and logistics across the country.
  6. Salary and Benefits: HGV drivers in the UK can earn a competitive salary, which can vary depending on factors such as experience, type of driving, and the company they work for. In addition to the base salary, drivers may receive overtime pay, bonuses, and other benefits such as pension schemes and healthcare.

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HGV Class 2 Drivers jobs

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Often the hours are unconventional and antisocial, and many careers in Driving necessitate a certain degree of isolation. When you get in touch with us we provide a very detailed possible roaster, trips, salary and options to be permanent in our vacancies.

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